Was that us on Channel 12 News?

YUP!!!! but not for a good reason.  That’s rite,  your friendly neighborhood baker turned General Contractor was digging a hole to bring in our new 1200 amp electrical service and oh yeah WE HIT THE GAS MAIN to our building.  For those of you keeping score that is a 100 PSI 3″ gas main.  It sounded like a siren went off.  The sand shot about 25 feet in the air form the pressure.  I was in the hole and Anthony from Boulder Construction was on the backhoe.  You have never seen a 6′ 1″ 300 lb man move as fast as I did out of that hole.  The Howell Police and Fire department were there in less than 6 minutes but they had to evacuate a square mile of residence because the good old gas company did not show up for about 45 minutes.  Yes folks the 3″ gas main was spooing gas for 45 minutes.  Well luckily for me there was no boom in the night.  The gas was shut of they fixed the break and both Ronnie and I went back in the hole to finish the job.  YOU GOTTA LOVE CONSTRUCTION…………………  Oh yeah,  Channel 12 showed up to take pictures of the bakery idiots that almost blew up Howell.  Sorry about that one Howell 🙂

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