So this is the blogging world. 🙂   My Name is John Berruti.  I am the owner of  The Harvest House Bakery.  I am going to try to give you an inside look at the crazy world of the wholesale baking business.  You have joined me at a very exciting time.  In the coming months we will be moving the bakery to a bigger and better location.  Even though things are going to get crazy I will try to post as much as possible to take you along the construction process from start to finish.

The first stage has already started.  We have received our approvals from Howell Township to retro fit the building we are purchasing to house the bakery along with several other spaces that will be used for rental space.  The meeting went better than expected and we were able to have the board hear us and approve the changes all in one meeting.  But wait,  It is not that easy.  That was only the beginning.  We now have to make all the changes that the board suggested re-submit these changes to the town, have them check the changes then submit this plan to there engineering department.

During this whole process of getting our approval finalized I am interviewing contractor to line up the team that is going to bring the plans to life.  Wholly crap batman are you kiding me.  We havent even really started yet and I am already on a wild ride.  Hang on and stay tuned while you witness me lose my mind in the coming months.  It should be fun:-)

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